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21North is a path-breaking concept in the Indian Auto After Sales Industry : aimed at solving the perennially existing problem of vehicle owners finding trustable service providers and sacrificing valuable personal time in managing their vehicle needs.

We empower curated OEM authorised dealers with technology driven solutions to deliver superior customer experience and achieve critical business performance metrics with our consultative approach. 21North is a solution to the trust and convenience issues that a vehicle owner faces on a regular basis in partnership with OEM authorised dealers. The usage phase for a vehicle owner is one of high friction and low trust.

At 21North we provide vehicle owners assistance is using, maintaining & managing their automobile properties, on click of a button. Our vision is to become the de-facto destination for the vehicle owning demography for all their needs during the longest, most difficult and inconvenient phase in vehicle ownership life cycle.

Our world-class technology and deep entrenchment with network partners make it possible to deliver seamless experiences to you. Once you’ve experienced 21North and its trustworthy, personalized services, you will never go back to the way you used to manage your vehicle before.

Cumulative 20+ years of domain expertise in vehicle life cycle management
Praveen Surendiran
Managing Director
Nitin Mehra
Executive Director - Business
Director - Technology
Madhu Jindal
Director - HR & Admin
Mohammad Umar Sharif
Director - Service Delivery

Everyone’s a dreamer. But at 21North, we don’t believe in just thinking, we believe in implementing our ideas and seeing the impact it has on the world around us. 21North gives you the perfect space to learn, grow and exercise your expertise to make servicing of vehicles delightful for everyone! Here, you get to make an impact every day!


At the cusp of our next big trajectory, we have come a long way in creating technologies that are not only automated, but are also intelligent. Our customer focus and use of latest technologies have made us the benchmark for technology based service providers.


The work environment at 21North not only nurtures the best ideas and work methods, but also is designed to keep you on your toes. This is because 21North has been built entirely by its people. We harbor some of the best, young, creative go-getters in the nation. At 21North you can have an awesome day, every day.

For current openings, write to nehap@21north.in

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CoWrks, RMZ Infinity, Ground Floor, No. 3, Old Madras Road, Bennigana Halli, Bangalore, Karnataka 560016, India.
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